Platform: Steam
Dovetail Games
Price:  €8.99


The Classics Range features a selection of must-have products at value for money prices from the TS back catalogue.

The 4VEP Add-On takes you back to the days of the classic ‘slam-door’ commuter trains on the Woking-Portsmouth Line. The 4VEP (‘Vestibule Electro Pneumatic’), named the Class 423 under the British Rail TOPS classification system, was one of the ‘slam-door’ electric multiple units that formed the backbone of rail passenger transport in southern England from the 1960s until after 2000.

EMU’s like the 4VEP were a part of daily life to hundreds of thousands of commuters, with the persistent slamming of their doors signalling the imminent departure of another busy service. Each 4-car set was powered by 750-volt DC electricity supplied via a third rail, giving a top speed of 90mph.Built by BREL at York, these classic EMUs served for almost 40 years, their high-density seating layouts and performance proving adequate for their role until the introduction of the more modern ‘Dersiro’ units.

PLEASE NOTE: the 4VEP Add-On requires the Portsmouth Direct Line Expansion Pack (available separately) to play.



3 free roam scenarios for the Portsmouth Direct Line

5 standard/career scenarios for the Portsmouth Direct Line

  • April Showers (Standard &Career) Network Southeast
  • Last Train Home (Standard &Career) Network Southeast
  • To the Rescue (Standard) BR Blue &Grey
  • The Suits Express (Standard &Career) BR Blue &Grey
  • Stoppin’ &Startin’ (Standard &Career) Network Southeast


  • Class 423 4VEP electric multiple unit in BR Blue/Grey and Network Southeast liveries. Features accurate cab controls including notched throttle lever with Off, Shunt, Series, Parallel and Series notches and realistic dual-mode braking system.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the Portsmouth Direct Line Add-On, available separately, is required to play these scenarios)