Platform: Steam
Price:  €13.99


The Southern Pacific Cab Forward is a classic oil-burner from the glory days of US Steam, and now you can drive this distinctive heavyweight over the Donner Pass in Train Simulator.

The Donner Pass route became ever more important as California’s economy grew, and the Southern Pacific Railroad soon found that more power was needed to haul increasingly heavy trains through the Sierra Nevada. 2-8-8-2 Mallet locomotives answered the call, but the route"s many long tunnels and snow sheds caused new problems: locomotive cabs were filling with fumes from the smokestack while inside the tunnels, so the solution was to build a locomotive with the cab at the front of the" Cab Forward".

I t may sound simple, but the design required a number of complex technical solutions: the oil-fired firebox was mounted at the leading end of the boiler, so it was supplied with oil via low-pressure pipework running all the way from the rear tender.

The Cab Forward for Train Simulator represents the (Articulated Consolidation) AC-10, AC-11 and AC-12 types. It includes both clean and weathered variants, accurate in-cab controls with realistic sounds, and five scenarios for the Donner Pass.



5 scenarios for the Donner Pass:

  • The Cab Forward: introduction to the locomotive at Colfax with simple shunting tasks
  • Pacific Fruit Express: Colfax to Truckee with trouble ahead
  • Slippery Slope: your loco is leaking oil on the Donner Pass, making the going slippery
  • Stuck in the Snow: heading down the Donner Pass in heavy snow.
  • The Last Run: the last cab forward run on December 1 1957, from Sacramento to Sparks and back again


  • Southern Pacific Cab Forward steam locomotive with accurate in-cab controls and sound effects, including compressor steam exhaust wheeze sounds. Includes weathered and clean versions of the Southern Pacific livery.
  • PFE reefer refrigerated cars
  • Era-contemporary box cars
  • Southern Pacific cupola caboose with passenger view