Platform: Steam
Price:  €9.99


Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 – featuring 10 highly realistic career scenarios – brings to life challenging contemporary freight railroading on one of America’s busiest and most famous railroad routes – Union Pacific’s Sherman Hill.

Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 re-creates the era from the mid-1990s through present day and features both heavy-duty mainline railroading as well as yard and industrial switching assignments. In this scenario pack, you’ll take the throttle of diverse mainline motive power ranging from Union Pacific EMD SD70Ms, SD60Ms, and SD40-2s to GE ES44ACs and Dash 9-44CWs and forward intermodal, manifest freight, grain, and coal tonnage over busy Sherman Hill. And you’ll climb aboard an EMD SW1500 and Union Pacific’s unique SW10 “Hammerhead” diesel switchers for yard and lineside industry duties. Select scenarios recall the era immediately following the merger of Southern Pacific into Union Pacific and feature SP power working across rugged Sherman Hill.

Featuring 10 career scenarios developed by well-known creator Gary Dolzall, Train Simulator’s Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 will provide more than 8 hours of authentic modern railroading challenges!

Note: Each of the pack’s 10 career scenarios require the Train Simulator Sherman Hill route (available separately) and select scenarios also individually require equipment from Train Simulator’s Southern Pacific Donner Pass route (available separately).


The Sherman Hill Scenario Pack 01 Add-on includes ten authentic operating challenges in career scenario form:
  • Union Pacific Symbol Z-DVSC 
  • Union Pacific Symbol GS-PXVT, Part 1 
  • Union Pacific Symbol GS-PXVT, Part 2 
  • Cheyenne Refining 
  • Wycon Hammerhead 
  • Laramie Third Trick 
  • Union Pacific Extra 3200 West, Part 1 
  • Union Pacific Extra 3200 West, Part 2 
  • East Slope Evening Climb 
  • Utah Coal East