Platform: Steam
Dovetail Games
Price:  £5.99


The Class 170 Turbostar is a great modern passenger train which is perfectly at home on any UK Train Simulator route. Known as the Turbostar, the Class 170 DMU (diesel multiple unit) was built between 1998 and 2005 and continues to serve across England and Scotland on regional and suburban passenger services. With a top speed of 100mph thanks to all cars being driven, the Class 170 also proved capable of longer journeys, and altogether 122 sets were built. The Class 171 is identical apart from having Dellner couplings rather than the BSI type found on the Class 170.

The Class 170 for Train Simulator has realistic controls and sounds and includes a selection of liveries and a Class 171 variant.



  • Class 170 in Scotrail livery
  • Class 170 in FS livery
  • Class 170 in SP livery
  • Class 170 in CT livery
  • Class 170 in LM livery
  • Class 170 in XC livery
  • Class 171 in S livery