Platform: Steam
Price:  £12.99


Oban Airport (EGEO) is situated on the idyllic coast of Scotland and offers views such as the one across Ardmucknish Bay towards the Isle of Mull.The airport (also known as North Connel Airfield) lies 5.8 miles (9.3 km or 5 NM) northeast of Oban in Argyll and Bute, Scotland and has a CAA licence as a commercial airport offering scheduled flights to the Isles of Colonsay, Islay, Coll and Tiree. Historically it was a WWII RAF airfield for planes such as the Hurricane, and also Oban Bay was home to the RAF Sunderland and Catalina flying boats.

Oban Airport, from developer Sim720, has been crafted as a match for the real world airport. It features a high-resolution ground polygon model, high quality photo-real textures and custom made and placed buildings. Realism outside the airport boundary is also enhanced with custom auto-generated buildings.

The add-on includes many additional features that greatly enhance the experience of pilots - accurate taxiway support, custom night-lighting and improved runway lights make take-off and landing very immersive, and when pilots have touched down an extensive range of 3D objects, including airport clutter and static aircraft, add realism.

This add-on includes a separate configurator tool which enables you to configure settings such as AI traffic and scenery compatibility. This tool can be accessed in the Steam client under the Library/Tools menu.Please note, Oban Airport is also listed as North Connel in the game.


Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution within airport boundaries and 60cm resolution outside the boundaries)
High-resolution ground polygon
Hand placed hi-res buildings within airport boundaries
Custom auto-generated buildings outside the airport boundary
Extensive library of airport clutter
Accurate taxiway lanes
Custom made static aircraft
Custom night-lighting and improved runway lights
3D grass