Platform: Steam
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Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA) for flights to Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Portland, or our sister airport, Santa Catalina (KAVX) Commercial airline flights began in 1932 on Pacific Seaboard Airlines. United Airlines then inaugurated flights from Santa Barbara/Goleta in 1936 and the Spanish-style terminal building was commissioned by United Airlines, using the same architects as for the Arlington Theatre.

The US Marine Corps was operating here between 1942 and 1946, with up to 4,000 personnel and 24 squadrons. Most popular flight destinations can be reached from Santa Barbara Airport, including Los Angeles (California), Phoenix (Arizona), San Francisco (California), Denver (Colorado), Seattle (Washington) and Portland (Oregon).

In 2013, the airport hosted flights by United, American Airlines, US Airways, Frontier and Alaska.Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA) from SIM720 features over 80 modelled buildings, interior perspective on the buildings, animated people and two millimetres per pixel tiled texture on the taxiways and runways.


High-res ground polygon
Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution)
Hand placed hi-res buildings within airport boundaries
Animated People
Custom auto-gen buildings outside the airport boundary
Extensive library of airport clutter
Accurate taxiway lanes
Custom made static aircraft
Custom night-lighting
Compatible with Default, MegaSceneryEarth and Orbx Global
DX10 compatible