Platform: Steam
Price:  £6.99


The F-5E Tiger II is an improved version of the original F-5 Freedom Fighter that entered service with the US Military in the early 1960s. It is a lightweight, supersonic fighter-bomber with great agility and load-carrying capability.More than 1,400 examples of this type were built between 1972 and 1987, and the type has seen widespread service in the Air Forces of many nations, some of which still operate today.

Additionally, the US Navy still operates the type as an aggressor fighter at its Naval Fighter Weapons Schools.The FSX: Steam Edition version of the F-5E is beautifully and authentically modelled, perfect for soaring through the virtual skies at supersonic speeds. Six variants include different true-to-life weapon systems, custom effects and animations. Use the F-5E to re-enact your favourite Cold War moments or tour the many Naval airfields included in FSX: Steam Edition.


  • Six versions, including the Strike, 4x Mk.83; Strike, 2x GBU12 Paveway; Long range; Post mission; Aggressor; and Export
  • Authentic virtual cockpit with animations and clickable controls
  • Detailed and authentic weapons loadouts
  • Authentic, fully clickable 2D panel, hi-res glazed-effect gauges, custom pop-ups for ECU, autopilot, warning panel and radios
  • Detailed checklist and accurate flight model
  • Custom effects for turbine glow (three-stage), smoke (start-up & in-flight), wingtip and flap contrails, and wing surface vapour 'flash'
  • High quality sound set
  • Realistic pilot figure
  • Animated canopy, tailhook, and spoilers