Platform: Steam
Dovetail Games - Flight
Price:  £8.99


Natural Tree Environment X is a realistic vegetation texture package which replaces all the auto-gen trees with detailed and realistic ones in FSX: Steam Edition. With over 170 new and detailed realistic tree textures in high definition that greatly enhance your auto-gen tree experience in FSX: Steam Edition, Natural Tree Environment X instantly changes the appearance of cities, forests, rainforests, jungles, mountains, savannas and the countryside.

Whether you are flying over a rainforest in South America or over a small town in Europe, you will see new and realistic vegetation during spring, summer, autumn and winter. Natural Tree Environment X is compatible with both default and add-on scenery, and will automatically be implemented in FSX: Steam Edition once downloaded.


  • Over 170 new tree textures in high definition 
  • New trees for spring, summer, autumn and winter 
  • Improves the appearance of all auto-gen trees around the world